Do Good Work

Our philosophy is a simple one: do good work. There are all kinds of work being accomplished in this world, and less and less good work every day. We love coffee, we love to work with coffee, and we love to serve people coffee. When you drink our coffee, we want you to be able to taste the fruits of our labor done well.

Of course, the quality of the coffee itself is central to this, but like most "good work," it’s more layered than what lies on the surface, and hinges fiercely upon the people beneath it. 

It All Starts on the Farm

The work begins in the dirt with the farmers.  Coffee is grown primarily in impoverished countries with histories of entrenched colonialism.  We want to work with producers that are seeking to grow great coffee and better the lives of their family and their laborers, while being good stewards of their ecosystems.  Sourcing practices are the heart of what we do; you can read more about them here.

And Continues with Us, in Oak Cliff

The work continues when the coffee arrives in our roastery. We are constantly and meticulously working to roast and taste again and again, to be honorable in our work, and acknowledge that of our producers. Once it’s done well, we put it in our clients and customers’ hands.

The final work is to further the success of our clients by giving them something great, helping them find the right tools, and helping them learn to translate the beauty and goodness of the preceding work in what is their final stage, right before it reaches the mouth of the customer. 

Good work. 

A Look at Our Steady Growth

January 2005 

Shannon takes his first of four work trips to Milan, where he is inspired by the ubiquitous espresso culture

February 2006

After reading a home roasting book, Shannon begins roasting on a stove top whirly pop

April 2007

Shannon moves to Oak Cliff; shortly after, Jenni & Shannon get married

March 2008

Shannon & Jenni begin roasting on a gas grill in their back shed and delivering door-to-door in the neighborhood

June 2008

Jenni & Shannon take their first origin exploration trip to Boquete, Panama

January 2009

Oak Cliff Coffee partners with their first café client, Crooked Tree Coffeehouse

March 2010

Oak Cliff Coffee partners with Central Market, offering the first roast-dated coffee in a grocery store in Dallas

December 2010

Oak Cliff Coffee purchases the Torres Auto Body building with plans to renovate and make this their permanent home

February 2011

After establishing some long distance relationships with farmers, Oak Cliff Coffee travels to Guatemala and El Salvador on their first true sourcing trip

January 2012

Construction begins on new Davis Street Facility

June 2013

Yellow House Coffee opens in Lubbock, TX

August 2013

Oak Cliff Coffee’s home officially opens with Davis Street Espresso and a new roasting facility

November 2013

The Neffendorf family travels to the Dominican Republic for their first family origin trip

February 2014

Oak Cliff Coffee travels to Colombia to judge at regional coffee competition, marking the first sourcing trip to South America

December 2014

Oak Cliff Coffee purchased a Ural side car motorcycle, which becomes the platform for MotoKofe

December 2015

Oak Cliff’s Coffee Goods, Dallas’ first store devoted to brewing coffee anywhere, opens next to Davis Street Espresso

February 2016

Oak Cliff Coffee takes their first sourcing trip to East Africa, marking a new milestone in their Farm Source program

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