Here at Oak Cliff Coffee we aim to do good work. We work not out of a financial or felt obligation, but rather an inward compulsion. We love work, we love hard work, and we especially love our work. Our responsibility is not only for what we do, but also for the way we do it. We love coffee. We love chocolate. We love traditionally made foods. And we know the way we source and serve these matters. To us, that means hospitality and loyalty to our product and our people—both to those we serve and from those we source.

Therefore, we work hard to create and sustain a culture of accountability in all we do. This affects everything from our business practices, to how we manage our resources, to the way we hire and advance our employees. For those of us at Oak Cliff Coffee, this is not a quick stop on the way to the next thing. It’s a collective journey to do good work.

Are you looking for a place that cooperatively demands high standards and is committed to good work, even if that means the work is harder? Do you want to be a part of a group that sees a job as more than a necessity, but a means to create rather than consume? Do you love hospitality and want to find a way to commit to a career in the service industry? Take a look at our available positions, and click the survey link at the very bottom of the page to get started.

Assistant Roaster & Coffee Production

Do you love solving problems and analyzing data? Are you not easily discouraged? Are you introspective and withdrawn, precise and cautious? Do you want to become an expert in one particular area? Do you like working on the same thing over and over, improving it little by little?

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Roasting Coffee
  • Roaster Maintenance
  • Bagging Beautiful Bags of Coffee with Accuracy and Speed
  • Maintaining Cleanliness and Organization in Warehouse and Production Space
  • Ability to stably lift 30lbs over head

Oak Cliff Coffee Production (entry level)

Do you appreciate a job environment that expects a high level of personal responsibility? Do you love working with your hands and on your feet? Are you undaunted by problems and enjoy the opportunity to find their solutions? Do you enjoy engaging mainly with a small team? Are you a fast-paced, measured person? Do you enjoy repetition? Do you enjoy physical, tiring jobs?

  • Bagging Beautiful Bags of Coffee with Accuracy and Speed
  • Providing Hospitality by Delivering Coffee to Clients across DFW
  • Work together with a small team to provide excellent back-of-house hospitality
  • Maintain quality standards by following processes


Are you impatient, outgoing, and find yourself at the core of a team dynamic? Do you love being challenged? Would you thrive in a hospitable, quality-driven team that loves coffee and Oak Cliff?

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Create specialty coffee and tea beverages
  • Engage and educate customers
  • Maintain a clean and sanitized work station
  • Be punctual and able to observe regular and consistent attendance
  • Contribute to a positive team environment

Technician Assistant

Are you analytical and solutions-driven? Are you reserved and cautious? Do you handle tasks in a measured, linearly-focused way? Are you a creature of habit who dislikes change and enjoys repetition? Do you like to be left alone to do a job right, because no one will do it as well as you? Are you an organized, inflexible person who is hard on yourself and others? Do you have high standards and need clear direction from your supervisor? Are you reserved and reflective, a team player who wants to be a part of something bigger than yourself?

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Onsite installation, troubleshooting and maintenance for all coffee equipment
  • Remote technical support and troubleshooting for all equipment
  • Train customers and operators on functionality of all equipment
  • Quick responses to all phone calls or email inquiries
  • Perform preventative maintenance on machines and auxiliary equipment as assigned
  • Keep ongoing schedule of all equipment needing regular maintenance
  • Conduct continuous process improvements in relation to safety, reliability, quality, productivity and costs
  • Maintain inventory of all parts and supplies
  • Document all work performed